Native Grill & Wings franchise is ready to grow. Are you?

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Native Grill & Wings franchise is ready to grow. Are you?

Under new management, franchisees have enjoyed strong sales growth. 

Then a pandemic forced us to accelerate innovation. The result: A new breakthrough.

Native Grill & Wings is a beloved wings franchise in the Southwest, especially in the Phoenix area where we got our start in the late 1970s. We were the first to bring Buffalo-style wings to the Southwest and have won over generations of customers with great food and a family-friendly sports bar ambiance.

Average sales topped $2 million in 2019 as we enjoyed a 15-month-long string of year-over-year sales growth. New investment capital helped us improve operations and innovate on behalf of franchisees.

This franchise offers all of the tools you need to become a successful owner of your own business. As with any business, hard work and dedication are a must, but we can tell you the effort you put in will pay off.
— Al & Cathy Saleh, Franchisees

AUV $2,077,000*

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AUV $2,077,000*

Get Franchise Info

Now we’re looking to grow and are offering opportunities to restaurant industry entrepreneurs.

We anticipate opening 6-12 new restaurants in Arizona through the end of 2022, with concentric development to follow. There are two ways to join the brand:

  • Make the full investment to own a restaurant outright with yourself or your business partners. You’ll need at least $500,000 in available investment capital and a net worth of $1 million.
  • If you have great restaurant management experience and some money to invest — but you don’t meet the financial qualifications above — you could become an operating partner alongside investors who are eager to join the brand. Investors are already lined up. As an example: If you have $100,000 to co-invest and experience managing a large full-service restaurant, we’d like to talk. There’s a good chance we can put you in business for yourself.

Covid proved that this chicken wings franchise has legs

Native Grill & Wings has been rapidly investing in stronger operations to boost sales and profitability for franchisees. That innovation paid off in a huge way in March 2020 when coronavirus impacted the restaurant industry.

We had already been focusing on ways to expand our Carryout and Delivery service. When dine-in service was temporarily halted, we rapidly accelerated rollout plans in order to serve customers and keep our franchisees’ businesses strong. We worked closely with franchisees every step of the way. A massive surge in Curbside, Carryout and Delivery (CCD) sales mitigated the impact of closed dining rooms. Notably, as dine-in returned, carryout and delivery sales have remained exceptionally strong. We’re excited, because strong CCD sales on top of our dine-in sales creates a new baseline for how much revenue a restaurant can generate.

We were already strong. The future looks stronger.


Core strengths of the brand

  • Strong regional brand with a cult-like following
  • Open territories and unlimited room for expansion
  • A differentiated customer experience. Most hot wing franchises have a fraternity party atmosphere. We’re more laidback and family-friendly. There’s beer on tap, liquor at the bar, TVs on the wall showing sports, and great food — but we’re more “family Super Bowl party” and less “Animal House.”

  • Strong product mix — including liquor, beer & wine sales — boosts margins
  • In-house financing to cover franchise fee, payroll and accounts receivable
  • Operating Partner Program that opens up ownership opportunities for experienced restaurant operators while providing additional business management and financial support.

How much will it cost?

  • Startup costs range from $998,000 to $2,620,500*
  • $35,000 franchise fee Minimum
  • $500,000 liquidity** Minimum $1 million net worth**

*SOURCE: Native Grill & Wings 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document

**Franchisees in the Operating Partner Program are exempt from these requirements