We want our wings on Mars

That’s code for innovation. But yes, we really do want to be the first wings franchise to bring wings to Mars

If you ever get a chance to hear CEO Dan Chaon’s elevator pitch on buying a Native Grill wings franchise, here’s a sneak peek: He wants to see Native Grill’s wings on Mars.

And he’s not even kidding.

“Our goal — really — is to put wings on Mars. Do you want to come along for that ride? Do you want to commit emotionally and business-wise to that? If you do, then everything else we can teach you.”

“The biggest thing about being involved with the growing Native system is that we are very self-, family- and business-driven. So if you can take care of yourself and you can take care of your family, then you’ll take care of the business model,” he says. “That’s our culture.”

What makes Native a better wings franchise
Being in the restaurant business, especially for 40 years, means having great wings, great service, and a strong brand. But that’s not something we brag about.

“We should have those things,” Chaon says. “We’re in the restaurant industry.”

So if he’s talking to a prospective franchise buyer, Chaon is going to be a lot more interested in whether that person is a good culture fit.

“One of our biggest advantages in the Native franchise system is that we are a very high-touch, high-feel franchise,” he says. “Sometimes when people get into franchise systems, they lose that connection to the franchisor. And we very much look at our franchisees as our customer in a partnership. We encourage input from our franchisees. We encourage them to participate and bring new ideas to the table. We want them to be entrepreneurs and to be business owners.

“And we really want to be innovators so they can be implementers. I think that’s hard to find in a lot of franchise organizations, that partnership with franchisees versus them just being someone we collect royalties from.”

Other advantages of our restaurant franchise, of course, are more tangible: our $2 million AUV, for instance…

but why Mars?
We were the first to bring wings to the Southwest and we did that by being really innovative and having craveable food. And our next goal is to put wings on Mars. For us, that means really challenging ourselves to think about how we can do that. What innovative things can we put in place to make stay great while building toward extraordinary. How do we build the concept that is going to be first to Mars?

“It’s really a mindset more than anything else,” Chaon says.

So, would Chaon settle for being the first wings franchise on the SpaceX shuttle to Mars?

“Sure,” he says. “That’d be great. I’ve already reached out to Elon Musk on his Instagram and Facebook saying, ‘Hey, we’d like to put our wings on your Mars mission.’”

Your move, Mr. Musk.

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